Innovations in Digital Anesthesia.

USDSN has developed with its technical anesthesia partner, PlexusTG, a cloud based digital anesthesia record that can interface with the host DSO EMR. By downloading, demographics, mediations, allergies and medical conditions, the OMS provider is able to efficiently prepare the patient for anesthesia.

This automated medical record keeping systems streamlines the capture of intraoperative data in the OMS provider based model.

Components of the system.

  • Anesthesia preoperative evaluation System
  • Anesthesia consent
  • Intra-operative WIFI recording of physiologics and medications
  • Anesthesia post-operative evaluation
  • A useful report writing feature to measure clinic work flows

Intuitive and easy to use.

  • Utilizes an Apple iPad/iOS for superior portability
  • Allows at a glance review of the daily schedule
  • Features a compressed PMH format for easy assimilation
  • Optimizes perioperative work flow
  • Captures data faster than a paper record
  • Saves time by automatically capturing physiologic data
  • Accurately measures intraoperative times and anesthesia times
  • Uses internal audit feature to insure a completed record
  • Promotes compliance with national quality initiatives
  • Automates medication usages across the platform

Insures quality assurance across the network.

  • Reports on the medical conditions of each patient population
  • Can compare surgeon and anesthesia practice variations to derive best practices
  • Maintains inventory control of drug usage by location
  • Reports data to promote perioperative efficiency
  • Simplifies DEA reporting at each clinic site for controlled substances

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