Oral Surgical Services

We provide a surgical team to your office to expand your on site services.

Office General Anesthesia

We offer a turnkey general anesthesia service tailored for your clinic location.

Logistics and Compliance

We manage the anesthesia armamentarium, DEAs. and state-mandated anesthesia permits.

Why choose us?

Delivering safe general anesthesia in a dental office requires close supervision and monitoring to insure complete adherence to state site inspections and licensing requirements.

US Dental Surgery Network has been providing oral surgery to our patients for over 7 years.

Regina Johnson

Founder and Manager, Cookeville Regional Dental Center

Oral Surgical Services Provided.

Anesthesia Services

Complete and efficient solutions.

General Anesthesia
Over 90% of our patient base prefers to be sedated for office based oral surgery

Local Anesthesia
Medically compromised patients are often most safely treated with local anesthesia

Digital Cloud Based Anesthesia Record for Quality Assurance and Safety
By utilizing a medical grade digital anesthesia record system, our safety outcomes are accurately recorded. An additional benefit is a closer examination of work flow to prom ote efficient scheduling for the patients and surgeons

Logistics and Compliance

Thorough and effective coverage.

DEA Compliance
DEA licenses are obtained for each clinic location

State Mandated Anesthesia Licensure and Permits
Every State has a unique set of laws that require anesthesia permits based upon the surgeon’s credentials

State Mandated Office Inspections
Certain States require individual clinic site inspections before permitting general anesthesia in a dental office

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