What does USDSN do for the DSO?

Contract to provide services at each DSO clinic

We engage with a service contract that clearly defines our respective responsibilities.

Manage DEA compliance and general anesthesia drugs

USDSN obtains a local DEA for each clinic after a contract is in place.

Obtain all state-mandated anesthesia permits and inspections

USDSN has professional PC’s set up in each state where we practice. Our permits are tied to our state licenses.

Train and employ support personnel for the mobile team

We provide trained teams in mobile surgery and office-based anesthesia to assist the surgeon

Recruit independent contractor Oral Surgeons in your Service Area

We recruit local OMS to provide regional care to your clinics. These surgeons work under our platform of equipment and anesthesia safety. Our services are turn key so no equipment purchasing is required by the host office.

In short, we’ll take care of your patients’ oral surgery needs.

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What does the DSO do for USDSN?

Evaluate Surgical Need

The engagement begins with a needs analysis of the DSO and an evaluation of the number of clinics and the expected patient flows.

Contract for the Services

When the need of the DSO is verified, we begin with a service contract that outlines responsibilities.

Credential the Oral Surgery Provider with local Insurance Plans

The DSO will credential the OMS so that the host office can complete insurance billing to the clinic’s Tax ID number.

Manage minor post-op follow up for established patients

Routine post surgical follow ups are conducted by the practice. Each surgeon is responsible for patient call backs and the management of unexpected issues.

Identify a defined schedule for Oral Surgery services

A schedule of clinic visits is set up with a year at a glance.

Patient registration, imaging treatment planning, and collections

The DSO will continue to register all patients, complete a written referral order, complete the treatment plan and insurance verification. The host office is responsible for the entire revenue cycle management.

We deliver expertise you can trust.


Proven successful surgical and anesthesia program implementations in five states.


Strict compliance with all the local and national standards of care for ambulatory surgery in the dental space.

Trust Worthy

This platform business is based on a deep understanding of patient safety and the role that trained surgical teams play in the delivery process.

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Surgical Care

We specialize in the implementation of oral surgical care in the GP office. Add to your monthly ADP by expanding your scope of practice.

General Anesthesia

By utilizing a professional PC in each state, we have the knowledge and credentials to implement a general anesthesia service in your office.

Logistics and Compliance

Oral Surgery is the most complex specialty to implement. We provide a turn-key service that includes all surgical armamentarium and the general anesthesia equipment and necessary medications.

On the cutting edge.

We provide a unique service to dental service organizations and we have scaled the concept into multiple states.


Years of experience


Surgeons on staff


States served


Patients helped

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